Cut your fabrication challenges down to size.

The first thing on every shear operator’s mind is producing consistent, high-quality work. But quality is only one piece of the puzzle facing your shop floor today.

Today’s industrial manufacturing and machining shops continue to face an ever-growing list of demands. You need machines that are easy to use and train on, so you can tackle new projects with ease. And you also need machines that are flexible enough to help you handle the unexpected—in whatever length, thickness, or material it comes in.

That is why shears from MC Machinery make the cut for so many shops—across the North America and around the world.

Our portfolio of hydraulic swing beam offer the kind of cost-effective performance, quality, customizability, and rugged utility that will help any shop take and keep their edge.

STANDARD 4mm to 13mm

GH Plus Series

When it comes to cost for performance, these flexible, highly customizable machines really stand out—and it’s all thanks to the feature that gives them their name.

While less suited for thicker gauge materials than their heavier-duty cousins, swing beam shears come with features and specs that make them a great fit for nearly any workshop environment—like the ability to quickly alter and realign the cutting blades to take on new materials and project requirements on the fly.

Combined with their quick and quiet operation, their easy-to-use CNC controller, and the option to integrate with automation cells for even greater productivity potential, these shears are a fantastic investment at a highly accessible price point that can leave your operations looking sharper by the day.



Guillotine shears utilize a simple-but-powerful vertical cutting motion that make them ideal for heavy duty jobs, including thicknesses 25 mm and thicker. However, the ability to change the rake angle makes these machines able to handle a wider variety of projects—and an excellent addition to any shop that values versatility and vigorous production capability in equal measure.

Combining the ability to handle oversized work pieces with full customizability to fit your exact specifications and needs, hydraulic guillotine shears offer unmatched cutting power and performance. But what makes the rake angle shears you’ll find at MC Machinery a cut above? Simple.

Expert advice and serious support, coupled with highly durable, high-performing machines that lead to quality results—no matter which way you cut it.


GV Series
  • "For a small metal fabrication job shop, the increased capacity significantly changes the dynamics of how quickly we can get caught up when behind. When we searched the market, the Mitsubishi lasers were the best option."

    Matthew Bishop, COO at United Mechanical & Metal Fabricators, Inc.
  • "We were just looking for the best-quality machines that would give us the best opportunity to be successful in the industry. We wanted machines that would allow us to make them fast once the requests started coming in."

    Ken Hall, Plant Manager at CenMac
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